The most important part to any system is Integration. Without this we just end up with a lot of different components doing their own thing, having to use a separate controller or user inteface for each one. This can be frustrating and complex for customers, and requires a working knowledge of all components. This for most is daunting and contrary to their motivation of installing technology in the first place.


Before we can begin to work on your project we need to start with a design. This is not for the purpose of marketing or presentation but an essential part of any automation system, from layouts to indicate locations of all services, to comprehensive cabling schedules. We can provide cabling installation or provide supervision for your on site contractor.


With over 25 years in the electrical industry and 10 of those involved solely with design, project management and installation of Automated and AV Systems, IDC is more than qualified to provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. In this dynamic and rapidly growing market. New products are launched in what seems like almost every week creating only confusion for most. We will give you an honest appraisal of what you wish for and the budget you have availble, to give you the best possible scenario. 
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As well as providing full installations IDC automation also offer programming as a service to electrical contractors. We specialise in Cbus Lighting as well being well versed in System Integration to control third party systems, such as Security. HVAC and Irrigation. We will provide working drawings an in addition "as builts" for your high end residential and commercial installations. Give your business that professional edge and peace of mind to your valuable clients.

At IDC Automation we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. we work closely with our clients ensuring that the result we deliver meets, and in most of our projects, exceeds their expectations. We believe that planning is the most crucial part of any home system, big or small, our detailed proposal provides all the information you need, and all that you don't, to enable you to make an informed decision. 
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